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Term 3 and 4

Happy New Year! Welcome to term 3 and 4 where our overall topic is 'The Imaginary World'.


During term 3, science will be our focus and we will be conducting a range of investigations including:

  • Identifying different properties of materials to provide Cinderella with some more comfortable slippers, as glass is just far too hard and heavy to walk on.
  • Providing Penguin from the story 'Lost and Found' with some warmer clothes and a waterproof umbrella.
  • Looking closely at some unfamiliar animals and using their structure and what they eat to help us sort them. 


As well as all of this, we will be continuing with our own personal curriculum.

Term 3

Week four: 

The book of week this week was Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs. It is the story of a far away land and one boys heroic quest to discover its secrets. The children have loved learning about dinosaurs and we have been observing their characteristics to help us compare and contrast them. During DT, we made salt dough fossils and in art we made paper plate dinosaurs and wrote 4 features about them.       

Week three: 


The book of week this week was Cinderella and we read different versions of this fairytale; including a story called Cinderella's Bum! During science, we investigated the properties of different materials and investigated which material would be best to make Cinderella some more comfortable slippers. The children were given a brief and the slippers had to be soft, flexible and shiny. 

Week two:


The book of week this week was Lost and Found. It is about a penguin from Antarctica ending up on a boy's doorstep. Using the books theme, we have been learning about Antarctica and cold weather. We completed a science experiment during Attention Autism on waterproof and absorbent materials to help us make an Umbrella to keep a penguin dry. During Art, we drew penguins using a tutorial video to help. 

Week one: 


This week we learnt about Japanese New Year and their traditions whilst comparing them to ours. During Attention Autism, we made a Firework in a Jar, a Japanese kite and made a Japanese flag by dropping a ball from height. We also discussed our New Years Resolutions.