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Welcome to Darwin Class, a specialised learning environment designed to cater to the unique needs of our students. Led by our dedicated teacher, Donna, and supported by our caring adults, Katie, Nina, and Megan, we provide a nurturing and inclusive educational experience.


Below you will find our termly update with information on our classroom and our topics! - Please note, this section is updated termly.


What we are doing this term

Throughout this term, Darwin Class has delved into a variety of engaging topics, including weather, the coronation of King Charles III, and bridges and rivers. These subjects have not only expanded our students' knowledge but also stimulated their curiosity and understanding of the world around them.
In addition to our diverse curriculum, we have developed a comprehensive approach to support the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students. By tailoring our teaching methods and providing a sensory-rich environment, we ensure that each student's individual needs are met. Our focus on personalisation allows us to facilitate progress and achievement, as students work towards their individual learning plans.

In Darwin Class, we take great pride in fostering a positive and supportive community. Our aim is to empower our students, building their confidence and self-esteem as they progress through their educational journey. Through a combination of personalised attention, a nurturing environment, and an engaging curriculum, we strive to unlock the full potential of each student in our class.

We invite you to explore further and discover the exceptional educational opportunities offered within Darwin!

Our offers






Life Skills





Within Darwin Class, we provide a comprehensive sensory offering to support the individual needs of our students. We recognise the importance of sensory integration in promoting their well-being and overall development. Our sensory offer includes:


Sensory Integration Room: Our class benefits from regular access to a dedicated sensory integration room. This sensory-rich environment is thoughtfully designed to engage and stimulate the senses, providing students with opportunities for sensory exploration, self-regulation, and relaxation.


Immersive Reality Room: We are proud to offer our students access to an immersive reality room. This innovative technology allows students to explore virtual environments, enhancing their sensory experiences and promoting creativity and engagement.


Dough Disco: As part of our sensory offer, we incorporate Dough Disco sessions. These fun and interactive activities involve using playdough to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength. It provides a multisensory experience that combines tactile, visual, and proprioceptive inputs.


Environmental Objects: Our classroom is equipped with a variety of carefully selected environmental objects. These objects are strategically placed to provide sensory input and stimulate different senses, such as touch, sight, and sound. They offer opportunities for exploration and sensory engagement throughout the learning environment.


School-based Sensory Team and Occupational Therapist: In Darwin Class, we have the valuable support of a dedicated school-based sensory team. They work collaboratively with our students, teachers, and parents to provide specialised interventions and strategies to address sensory needs. Additionally, we have the expertise of an Occupational Therapist who provides individualised support and guidance to enhance students' sensory development and functional skills.


Attention Autism Sessions: Regular Attention Autism sessions are integrated into our curriculum. These sessions focus on building attention, communication, and social interaction skills through engaging and stimulating activities. They incorporate visual supports, structured routines, and positive reinforcement, creating a sensory-rich learning experience.


Our sensory offering within Darwin Class ensures that students receive the necessary support to regulate their sensory experiences, promote self-awareness, and optimise their learning potential. We strive to create a sensory-friendly environment that fosters engagement, independence, and overall well-being for all our students.





In Darwin Class, we provide a comprehensive SEMH (Social, Emotional, and Mental Health) support system to address the social and emotional well-being of our students. We understand the importance of nurturing their holistic development. Here are key elements of our SEMH offer:


Role Play Experiences: We regularly offer role play experiences within Darwin Class to explore various real-life situations, with adult support. These experiences allow students to investigate and understand different perspectives, develop social and emotional skills, and enhance their empathy and communication abilities.


School Behaviour Policy and Team Teach Training: We effectively implement our school's behaviour policy, ensuring consistency and clear expectations for students in Darwin Class. Our staff members are trained in Team Teach techniques, equipping them with valuable strategies to support students in managing their behaviours. By providing a safe and structured environment, we empower students to regulate their emotions and behaviours independently or with appropriate support.


Restorative Justice: Restorative justice practices are integrated into our daily routines in Darwin Class. We place emphasis on building and maintaining healthy relationships, and encourage proactive conversations among students with adult support. Restorative justice fosters accountability, empathy, and understanding, enabling students to resolve conflicts, make amends, and develop positive relationship skills.


At Darwin Class, our focus is on creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment that nurtures the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students. Through our SEMH offer, we aim to equip them with the skills and resilience needed to navigate social interactions, regulate their emotions, and establish positive relationships both within the classroom and beyond.


Life Skills



In Darwin Class, we prioritise the development of essential life skills to foster independence and empower our students in their daily lives. We actively encourage and support their progress in important areas such as toileting, dressing, and eating, with the aim of promoting self-reliance. Here are key aspects of our life skills program:


Personal Care Skills: We promote independence by empowering students to take care of their personal needs, including toileting, dressing, and eating. Our dedicated staff provides guidance and support to help students develop these skills. Through consistent practice and encouragement, we aim to instill confidence and self-sufficiency in their daily routines.


Food Preparation and Cooking: Darwin Class features an in-class kitchen where students have the opportunity to engage in food preparation activities. Regular food technology lessons teach practical cooking skills and promote healthy eating habits. By actively involving students in the preparation of meals, we empower them to feed themselves independently and develop valuable life skills.


Role Play and Real-Life Situations: We use role play to offer students a chance to work through real-life situations they may encounter. This approach allows them to gain practical experience and problem-solving abilities. With appropriate adult guidance and modeling, we provide support during these role play activities. The skills acquired through role play can then be applied and reinforced during our off-site trips and outings.


In Darwin Class, we believe in nurturing life skills that are crucial for our students' personal growth and future independence. Through a combination of practical experiences, guidance, and support, we empower students to become more self-sufficient and confident in managing various aspects of their daily lives.



In Darwin Class, we prioritise providing our students with access to a tailored curriculum that meets their individual needs. While we recognise the importance of offering access to the National Curriculum whenever possible, we also understand the significance of adapting and personalising the curriculum to ensure meaningful learning experiences. Here's how we approach accessing the curriculum:


Bespoke Curriculum: Our students follow their own bespoke curriculum, specifically designed to cater to their unique requirements. By tailoring the curriculum, we can effectively address their individual learning goals, strengths, and areas of development, creating a truly inclusive educational experience.


Hooks and Topics: We facilitate curriculum access through engaging "hooks" within our topics. These hooks serve as entry points to capture students' interest and curiosity, enabling them to connect with the subject matter on a personal level. By incorporating thematic approaches, we foster a holistic understanding of concepts and encourage active participation in the learning process.


White Rose Maths: We adopt the White Rose Maths scheme to support the development of our students' mathematical skills. The scheme's small, incremental steps provide a structured framework that allows for targeted and sequential progression. Through the White Rose Maths approach, we can effectively scaffold mathematical concepts, ensuring students have a solid foundation to build upon.


In Darwin Class, our commitment lies in facilitating meaningful and inclusive access to the curriculum. We understand the importance of personalised learning experiences and the positive impact they have on our students' progress and engagement. By combining bespoke curriculum approaches, thematic hooks, and the structured framework of White Rose Maths, we empower our students to develop their skills and achieve their academic goals.