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Welcome to Dickinson Class!


Welcome to Dickinson's class page! In Dickinson class we have four adults who are here to help us learn. We have Nathan, Sarah, Shannon and Sophie. We are looking forward to joining, sharing and guiding the learning journey of your children this year! We will be updating the page each week so you can see what we have been up to in class throughout the year. 



End of Term!

Wow! We have had a busy and exciting last few weeks of term!

We have had some fun filled weeks, enjoyed transition with our new classrooms, and celebrated our last few days in Dickinson!

Thank you for all of your brilliant efforts and have a lovely summer!


Week Commencing 5th June

This week we began our seaside topic!

We read the story 'What the ladybird heard', and found out how the sea creatures saved the mermaid!

In cooking, we made melted chocolate ladybirds which were yummy.

As well as this, we have been practicing more writing, building in play and enjoying the sunshine!


Week Commencing 22nd May

This week we have been preparing for Sports Day!

We practiced the events and had lots of fun!

It was lovely to share our successes with our parents too!

Our story was 'Superworm', so we have also been focused on minibeasts!

Have a lovely half term everyone :)

Week Commencing 15th May

This week we have been learning the story "Oliver's vegetables".

We learnt about a boy who only ate chips, but played a game with his grandad to try new vegetables to eat.

In food, we prepared and made carrots, peppers and cucumbers.

For art, we painted vegetables using cotton wool buds. 

In preparation for sports day, we practiced the long jump on the field.

As well as all this fun, we planted our growing seedlings and visited the tadpoles.

Week Commencing 8th May

Our story this week has been Kitchen Disco!

We have been learning about fruits and vegetables, how they grow, and what is good for us to eat!

We made strawberry and banana smoothies in cooking, using a blender and preparing our fruit.

The story was really fun and we had our own 'Kitchen disco'!

As well as this, we have been working on our new maths skills and enjoying our new toys!


Lyla loved making smoothies!

Still image for this video

Hakeem enjoyed the blender!

Still image for this video

Sarah blended the berries!

Still image for this video

Glynn blended the bananas!

Still image for this video

Harrison enjoyed blending the fruit!

Still image for this video

Mia loved blending fruit!

Still image for this video

Week Commencing 1st May

This week we have been learning and celebrating the King's coronation!

In cooking, we made crown biscuits dipped in white chocolate. We decorated them with colours of the Union Jack!

We have completed lots of art activities, and are sending our favourite pictures to King Charles! 

As well as this, we enjoyed designing our own crowns for the school competition.

Outside of this, we have met some of the school pond's tadpoles, and loved making musical art. We also have been working hard on our fine motor skills too!

Week Commencing 24th April

Our topic this week has been 'Habitats' and we have been reading the story 'Home'!

This story was set in America and Canada, and we found out many different animals from these places, as well as where they live. 

We looked at our globe to see where America and Canada were compared to us.

In cooking, we made salt dough to make our own animals. We painted them when they set!

We also had a chance to see lots of different animals in our immersive room.

Week Commencing 17th April

This week we have been looking as signs of spring!

We learnt about how plants grow, and what plants need to grow. We even made our own seed bombs!

In the week, we took a walk to the park to spot plants which were blooming this spring. We enjoyed trying out the games at the park too! 

Our book this week was 'Elmer'. We learnt all about how Elmer was different, but it is okay to be different!

We made our own milk carton elephants and decorated them like Elmer, and enjoyed sorting colours in our tuff tray.

We finished the week by exploring Eid and finding out how Muslims celebrate it!


Week Commencing 27th March

This week we have been celebrating 'Colour' as part of Autism Acceptance Week!

We had great fun taking part in the colour run, jumping and playing in chalk.

During the week we had great fun taking part in the Easter picture hunt, and loved our surprise of a chocolate egg!

As well as this, we took part in a colour experiment to see what happened to our colourful felt tip Easter eggs!

Have a lovely break all!

Week Commencing 13th March

This week we read 'The little mermaid'!

After reading the story, we talked about how it was different to the other princess stories we have read this term.

We made some fish puppets using paper and straws, and loved making them dance.

In arts and crafts we have been making some special surprises for our mummies for Sunday!

During cooking we made our own mini-ocean cheesecakes, with strawberry octopus on top!

On Friday we celebrated St. Patrick's day and Red Nose Day. We wore Red and found out why people celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We even looked at a Catholic church in our immersive room!

Week Commencing 6th March

Our story this week was 'Snow White'!

We listened to the story and talked about how it was like Rapunzel and other stories we read.

Afterwards, we made our own mirrors using sequins and glitter!

When the snow disrupted our week, we loved having the chance to explore it in our garden! We made snowflakes using our cutting skills too.

Later in the week we made our own apple paint prints in art.

We have also enjoyed exploring the immersive room, working on our clever fingers and reading in our groups too!

Week Commencing 27th February

This week we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We explored mixing colours with paint to make our own giant toadstools.

As well as this, we made edible wallpaper using icing sugar and sweets!

In our learning time we have worked really well on our Phonics and writing numbers.

We loved our visit from the theatre company and meeting the sprouts!

On World Book Day, we celebrated with our own 'Chocolate factory', where we enjoyed exploring our bubble room! We got to make our own chocolate and Mike TV glasses too! 

To finish the week we enjoyed making our own chocolate marshmallows.

Week Commencing 20th February

We enjoyed our first week back this term!

Our story was 'Rapunzel', which we loved reading.

We painted our own towers in art and practiced our cutting skills with Rapunzel's spaghetti hair.

In cooking we loved making pancakes and filling them with tasty fillings!

We have been working really hard on our writing in phonics this week and have even been writing some numbers!


Week Commencing 6th February

This week's story was 'The 3 little pigs'!

We loved exploring the story sack and finding out how the pigs caught the wolf!

After the story we went on an outdoor walk to grab sticks to make our own stick houses!

We used stamps, straw and sticks in art to make our own houses.

Using oats, we also made some tasty raspberry flapjacks!


Week Commencing 30th January

Our traditional tale was 'Goldilocks and the three bears'!

We have listened to the story and played games using out phonics!

During cooking we tried our own porridge, and we cut up our own fruit too!

We have loved being able to get outside and play with the good weather.

In art, we made our own bear faces using paper plates and paint!

Week Commencing 23rd January

This week we read the Gingerbread Man!

We loved the story, and decorated our own Gingerbread people!

In music, we played the glockenspiels and learnt 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

We had fun doing Musical Bumps, and had a go at some scarf therapy too!

Week Commencing 16th January

We continued our work on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' this week!

We made our own 'castle on top of the beanstalk' pictures with paint and tissue paper!

In maths, we used our measuring skills to see how tall the beanstalks were in cubes.

Our clever fingers have been building, using pegs to clip and make patterns on pegboards!

As part of our phonics, we read words using train tracks too!

We even had chance to dress up in outfits!

Week Commencing 9th January

This week we have started looking at traditional tales!

We began with 'Jack and the Beanstalk'!

In bucket, we made our own magic beans using mixtures of paints and different brush strokes!

During cooking, we made our own 'Beanstalk playdough' using different ingredients.

We had great fun in music and PE, expressing ourselves and playing different games!

As well as this, we have been working hard on our pencil skills and ordering things by size in maths!

Week Commencing 2nd January

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We have had great fun settling back into Dickinson class this week.

Lou visited us this week to show us a busy picture and we built some sentences!

We have been working on our writing skills and have been making our fingers strong with lots of different activities.

It has been great to make the most of time outdoors and play with our friends again too!

We hope you enjoy looking through our photos.



Week Commencing 12th December

It has been a week full of Christmas fun!

We enjoyed reading the Nativity story and finding out about the origins of Christmas.

We were very lucky and had the chance to meet Santa in his Grotto, who very kindly gave us some gifts!

During our Curriculum day, we took a step back in time and met some Victorian Christmas characters, including Scrooge! We took part in lots of old Victorian traditions to help Scrooge enjoy the spirit of Christmas! 

We made a gingerbread house, played some games and tried out some Victorian toys during bucket. 

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Week Commencing 5th December

We have been getting our Winter on this week!

Our book this week was 'The Gruffalo's Child' by Julia Donaldson.

We explored the effects of winter outside, using our senses to find out what changes happen when it is cold. 

In bucket we had a go at repeating patterns, as well as making our own Gruffalo pictures too!

We have been working hard in phonics on our Phase 2 sounds and some new words, and we made some melting snowman biscuits in cooking too! 

Mickey has been up to no good again - on Friday we caught him using our toilets! 

We hope you enjoy our photos of learning from this week!

Week Commencing 28th November

It has been a busy week of preparing our classroom for the Christmas elves, but we were in luck on Thursday morning when 'Mickey' turned up!

He is here in our classroom until Christmas, and we cannot wait to see what mischief he gets up to! He is keeping Nathan, Sarah, Shannon and Sophie busy with his cheeky antics!

We made come Christmas cards using our thumbprints and feet, and we also made an 'elf jail' to hopefully stop Mickey getting up to mischief!

We had great fun and cannot wait for our Christmas themed activities for the next few weeks!


Week Commencing 21st November

Our story this week has been 'The Leaf Thief'!

In the story, squirrel gets shocked when he thinks someone is stealing leaves from his tree!

We had lots of Autumn-themed activities based on the story and had so much fun!

In cooking, we made Autumn trees with red and green grapes, as well as breadsticks for branches. We loved trying healthy foods!

On Wednesday we took a walk around the local woods and made Autumn leaf wands! We saw lots of different colours and heard lots of natural and man-made sounds!

We also completed some fingerprint squirrel paintings and enjoyed making music marks to lots of songs too.

Enjoy looking through our photos and have a good weekend!

Week Commencing 14th November

This week we have been focusing on Nursery Rhymes!

We learnt about Nathan, Sarah, Shannon and Sophie's favourite nursery rhymes - 'Humpty dumpty', '1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive', 'Wind the bobbin up', 'Incy wincy spider' and 'Hey diddle diddle'!

During the week we have been learning about words that rhyme - they have the same sound at the end of the word, like 'ball', 'tall' and 'small'!

We made humpty dumpty biscuits, and wound up our own bobbins!

As well as this, we completed the 5 star Pudsey challenge for children in need! We practiced our counting, colouring, pencil control and story skills! All of us got our 5 stars! Well done!

Enjoy looking through the photos and have a good weekend!

Week Commencing 7th November

This week we were focusing on remembrance!

We read the story 'A day to remember' and found out why we wear poppies in November.

During the week we found out a lot about poppies, where they grew, why they are important and who makes them.

As well as this, we did lots of counting and tested our fine motor skills by picking up pom poms and placing them on the correct poppie pad.

We held a minute's silence on Friday 11th November to remember the important people and animals who helped look after our country.

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the week!

Week Commencing 31st October

It has been a busy but fun start to term 2!

We started with spooky day, and loved all the costumes! In bucket we had exploding pumpkins, as well as ghost potato paintings. We even practiced trick-or-treating!

To prepare for bonfire night we have been reading the story 'Sparks in the sky'. We loved acting out fireworks, making 'blow' paintings and in cooking we made some firework chocolate bark. It was so tasty!

We have worked on our phonics this week and have been learning some phase 2 sounds. Our blending has been brilliant!

To finish the week, we made some special sparklers and tried out some games on our interactive whiteboard! 

We hope you enjoy seeing our learning from this week and have a good weekend!


Week Commencing 17th October

Wow! Term 1 has finished! What an amazing start to the school year we have had!

We finished off our topic, 'Bucket of Happiness', by colouring our own 'happy' portraits!

To practice our road safety skills, we walked around the school on our walking rope. We were fantastic at remembering our 'Stop, Look, Listen, Think' motto!

In Music, we expressed our feelings for music using colouring pens. We also learnt some nursery rhymes with our special music friends!

We made some rice krispie pumpkin treats in cooking, before we took our fist school trip to Chilton Manor Farm! The farmers were so welcoming and we loved picking our own pumpkins for halloween. We even enjoyed some tasty fresh apples as a treat from the farm!
To finish the term, we made some halloween art and celebrated with an end-of-term party for reaching 200 dojo points each! Well done everyone! It was also a special birthday celebration too!

Thank you all for your hard work this term and we cannot wait to welcome you back on October 31st!

Week Commencing 10th October

We have continued learning about how to fill a bucket.

We also made some cupcakes in baking this week! They were incredibly yummy!

In stage 3 of bucket we looked at our zones of regulation and acted out faces for 'blue', 'green', 'yellow', 'red'. We loved pulling all the faces!

In PE we had great fun testing out our agility skills. We climbed, ran, scooter-ed and bounced all session long!

We took turns playing our new bowling game in class - we love learning about sharing! 
This week we went into the immersive room for the first time. We tried out some of the experiences including a rollercoaster, skydiving and autumn leaves!

On Friday, we were very lucky to meet Chief Joseph, who was visiting from a Masai tribe in Kenya! He taught us all about how they make glass bead jewellery, the Kenyan flag and different animals. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy looking through our photos!



Week Commencing 3rd October

This week we have been 'Bucket fillers'!

We read our class story, 'Fill a Bucket - A guide to daily happiness for young children', and found out how we each have an invisible bucket. Each time we do something kind, nice, or loving, our buckets are filled! The best part is, when we fill a bucket, the other people's buckets filled too!

We used marbles to demonstrate how we could fill our 'Dickinson class bucket', and it is extremely ffull of happiness! As well as this, we learnt some 'Acts of Kindness' which gave us examples of activities we can do to fill each other's buckets. Take a look at our photos to see some examples!

We also had great fun with bucket this week, including dancing around the chair, which you can see in our videos below!

We have tried out some more yoga, practiced more road safety skills, and had so much fun.

Have a good weekend and enjoy looking through our learning!

Dancing around the chair!

Still image for this video
We had a go at dancing around the chair during bucket!

Dancing around the chair!

Still image for this video

Trying out cosmic yoga!

Still image for this video

Week Commencing 26th September

We have been celebrating Great Big Green Week, as well as focusing on our road safety!

For Great Big Green Week, we did some home learning by going on nature walks and bringing in signs of autumn - we had leaves, twigs, pine cones and much more! We thought we would use them to make some autumn painting for our calm room display, which turned out lovely.

For road safety, we have been building up our street smart skills by practicing crossing roads and our 'Stop, Look, Listen, Think' rules. We all passed with flying colours and cannot wait to test them on our walk to the park soon!

For Great Big Green Week, we have enjoyed reusing and recycling our cardboard boxes to make them into toys, giving them a second life! Do you like our 'A5pir3 1' car?

Enjoy looking through our photos and have a good weekend!

Road Safety Game

Still image for this video
We loved playing the 'Red means stop' 'Green means go' game with Nathan in class!

Week Commencing 19th September

Lots to report on from Dickinson class this week!

We started by making our own Robot mask out of an old carboard box - we love recycling!

In cooking we followed a recipe to make our own chocolate cornflake cakes. We shared measuring the ingredients and let them set in the fridge overnight. They were very tasty the next morning!

We have done bucket a few times, including making wax markings of K'NEX pieces. We also planted our tulips in the garden tires. 

During the week, we have been focusing on our 'All about me' passports for our topic. We looked at our favourite colours, favourite animals and favourite foods! It has been so good to learn about each other!

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!

Week Commencing 12th September

We have had another week of fun in Dickinson class! 

This week we enjoyed trying out different activities in our PE time. We also carried on learning our classroom rules, this time focusing on 'Kind Feet' with Bob and Mr Potato Head!

Our classroom has become home to more new toys - we used Lego, Musical toys and lots of others during our planned play! 

On Friday we wrote our names and coloured in special messages and stamps of Queen Elizabeth II. We thought we could help look after the Royal Family with our kind words! We also learnt about who the new King would be, and some of the other members of the Royal Family.

We hope you enjoy looking through this week's photos and have a good weekend!

Week commencing 5th September

What a fantastic week! We have been learning all about our new class, our new rules, and new adults!
We learnt the kind hands song with Mr Potato Head, clapped when we heard our birthdays, and made lots of different crafts too. 
We have had lots of chances to share what we enjoy playing, and have been learning about our Zones of Regulation! 
Have a good weekend and enjoy looking through our learning this week!