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Welcome to Gutierrez Class! We have had a great start to the term with our adults Samantha, Millie, Kelly, and Caylee. This term, our overall topic is “The World Around Us” and we will be looking at different themes throughout the weeks including All About Me, Emotions, Food, The Big Green Week, People Who Help Us and Diwali. The first week’s theme was “All About Me”!

Wow, what a fantastic term it has been so far! It has been great to see the children settling into their new class. We have been really busy, here is what we have been up to: 


Weeks 1 & 2 - All About Me and Emotions

- Read Our Class is a Family and Ravi's Roar

- Got to know some of our emotions and played the emotions balloon game 

- Completed All About Me templates and shared our favourite colours and toys 

- Drew our families and labelled them

- Made our own version of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 

- Printed our own rainbow fish with celery 

- Played different games to practise class expectations, such as the noisy neighbour game for good listening

- Made crumpet pizza faces 

- Made collages dedicated to the Queen

- Wrote about our toys playing in our classroom 


Weeks 3 & 4 - Food 

- Read Supertato Run Veggie Run and Spaghetti with the Yeti 

- Made our own Supertatoes 

- Completed a range of Clever Finger activities 

- Made super healthy sandwiches 

- Wrote about the Evil Pea who got up to mischief in our classroom 

- Found out about each other's favourite fruits and worked together to record the results 

- Followed instructions to complete the skittles experiment 

- Made marshmallow waffles following one of our classmate's recipe

- Used colourful semantics to build sentences about some of our favourite characters 

- Examined, tasted and descibed a variety of fruits, including sour lemons 


Weeks 5 - The Big Green Week 

- Read Rocket Says Clean Up!

- Completed daily sensory circuits 

- Learned about recycling old plastics and litter picking in Attention Autism 

- Made recycled CD fish 

- Created crab looking croissant sandwiches

- Counting sea creatures and playing phonics games on the ipads

- Played the Don't Touch game in Attention Autism 


Week 6 - People Who help Us 

- Learned about the extraordinary life of Mary Seacole 

- Learned a bit about doctors and dentists 

- Practised brushing teeth 

- Made chicken soup 

- Explored the idea of germs with the pepper and washing up liquid experiment 

- Shared our favourite toys from school in Show and Tell 

- Caught some spiders with bug catchers to observe before releasing them back into the wild


These are just highlights and do not include all of the work they have been doing in maths and phonics too! They have worked so hard this term and seem to have had lots of fun. 


Weeks 1 & 2 - Themes: Celebrations (Halloween) & Autumn 

- Played the Trick or Treat game in PE

-Read Room on a Broom

-Saw some magic ghost balloons in attention autism

-Built Lego sculptures in Lego Therapy 

-Made some rainbow cookies in cooking

-Drew a face on a pumpkin and said how it was feeling in PSED

-Made some Christmas pictures for the Lights Competition

-Wrote a list for their own potions

-Read non-fiction books about seasons and about trees

- Made autumn leaf window art 

-Made cheese and ham pastry roll ups 

-Wrote an autumn senses poem

-Learnt about Remembrance Day and painted poppies 





Curriculum Day 1


On Wednesday we had our first Curriculum Day of the year, and we had a BLAST! The whole day was inspired by Jorge Gutierrez who is a film and TV director. We celebrated films for the whole day, here are some of our highlights: 

- Dressing up as our favourite film characters

- Having our photo taken on the red carpet

- Completing poster puzzles 

- Finding hidden film characters in the sand tuff tray 

- Playing with the popcorn tuff tray 

- Making our own film poster 

- Making lolly stick puppet characters 

- Making their own film using puppets behind the TV prop



Weeks 3, 4 & 5 - Themes: Autumn and Space Explorers 

- Read a book about an Owl who was afraid of the dark 

-Painted owl pictures 

-Made some story boards 

-Made chocolate spread owls 

- Learned what is a plant and went on a plant hunt around our school and some of the different plants we observed

- Learned about different emotions in the yellow zone in PHSE

- Learned about the first moon landing 

- Made our own space pictures 

-Made fruit rockets in cooking 

- Read a book about an alien who got lost on earth

- Made hot chocolates

- Completed circuits and even did some archery in PE



Weeks 6 & 7 - Themes: Toys and Christmas

The last few weeks of term we have been a lot of fun, from baking our own gingerbread men to meeting Father Christmas. It has been very busy and jolly time. We loved making our own food (toy) cars in cooking and seeing some old style toys in attention autism too! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in January! 


Hello everyone, we have had a great start to 2023 in Gutierrez Class! Our Spring Term focus is Fantasy Worlds and we have started this topic by looking at the fairy tale Cinderella. 


Week 1

For our first week back we focused on celebrating the New Year. We travelled to Japan and learned about some of the traditional ways to celebrate there. 

Our highlights were:

- Finding Japan on a map 

- Making our own koinbori kites 

- Trying different foods from Japan such as seaweed, noodles and sushi

- Making our own noodles in cooking 

- Learning a little about Buddhism, a popular religion in Japan, and making lanterns


Week 2

Before learning about Fantasy Words we decided to learn about winter to tie in with all of the interesting weather we have been having. The children have really enjoyed discussing the weather each day and looking for ice. 

Some fun moments have been:

- Reading the story "Lost and Found" 

- Learning about different types of materials in Understanding the World

- Playing the Don't Touch my materials game in attention autism 

- Applying our phonics skills to do some lovely writing 

-Making penguin pictures 

- Making a healthy snowman snack in cooking 





Week 3 


This week the children absolutely loved learning about Cinderella. 

Our highlights have been: 

- Playing the Character splat game in attention autism 

- Learning about kindness in PSED and reading "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?"

- Sequencing the different parts of the Cinderella story 

- Making fruit magic wands in cooking 

- Making our own slippers for Cinderella 

- Learning to describe materials based on their properties

-Making our own carboard castles

-Playing hockey, tennis and football in PE




Week 4 & 5


We have had a lot of fun exploring dinosaurs.  

Our highlights have been: 

- Reading Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs

-Reading a non-fiction text about dinosaurs

-Making salt dough dinosaur fossils 

- Learning to be kind to others in PSED and circle time

- Learned about different types of animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals

- We have also learned about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores

- Played hockey, football and tennis in PE 

- We have tried archery in PE too 

-In music we have been learning to play the ukulele 




Weeks 1, 2 & 3


So far this term has been really exciting, the first few weeks were jammed packed with special days such as Pancake Day, World Book day and our second curriculum day.  


Here are our highlights: 

- Learning about the Loch Ness monster 

- Developing our turn taking skills playing board games 

- Read "Pirates Love Underpants" 

- Making our own pancakes and trying a variety of different toppings

- Dressing up as our favourite book characters 

- Learning to recognise coins and playing do not touch my coin treasure

-Going on a treasure hunt and working together to find all of the symbols

- Making coins (our treasure) shiny using ketchup

- Making our own tea stained treasure maps

- Learning we share the world with lots of people by reading "My World, Your World" in PSED

- Watching a theatre performance in our school hall about climate change 



Curriculum Day 2 


Despite the unexpected arrival of snow, we had a great curriculum day all about heroes. The day was inspired by Jorge Gutierrez's work on the TV show the Adventures of Puss and Boots. All of the pupils were invited to dress a hero. We started the day with a hero themed sensory circuit. We had a very fun hero themed attention autism session. In the afternoon, we made our own super hero films and took turns being the director just like Jorge Gutierrez. 

Term 4 has been a term full of celebrations, from Pancake Day to Easter. It has been so much fun! We have dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day and made our own superhero trailers on our second curriculum day inspired by Jorge Gutierrez. We have learned about different plants and we have loved watching our broad beans grow. Finally, we had our first trip out to the woods to spot different plants. We hope you have a wonderful Easter! 



It has been a wonderful term for Gutierrez Class. We have had some much fun celebrating birthdays and the coronation as well going on a few school trips! We even had our very first sport's day and all of the children did brilliantly! Our main focus for this term has been learning about animals, we have been learning about them in a cross-curricular way. Here is a brief overview of everything we have been up to:

- Shared stories about our own in Show and Tell

- learnt about habitats including gardens and ponds

- Went on a bug hunt around school 

-Made some observational drawings of the tadpoles in our pond 

- Learned about different mammals, birds, minibeast and fish

-Explored different animals at Wildwood

-Met different pets and learnt how to care for them on our Pet Day 

-Designed our own crowns for the coronation

-Wrote a list for our tea party 

-Practised sports for our sports day

-Read and wrote about a snail who had a very silly shell