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Aspire Primary School home page

Aspire School

Tajiri (Year 3/4)

Welcome to our Tajiri class page!


Our class is named after the Japanese games designer Satoshi Tajiri. He created the game Pokemon, based on his childhood obsession for hunting for and collecting insects. The adults in our class are Linda, John, Tina and Kacey. Check out some of the things we have been learning about...



Term 6

We have been weaving Handa's baskets and making fruit. We have tasted lots of different African fruits and made fruit kebabs with them. Next we looked at the diets of the animals and sorted them into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

We went on a scavenger hunt to find the characters, animals and fruit from our Handa's Surprise book.

Term 5

Our visit to Kent Life Farm to meet the animals!

Tajiri Class have made celebration cards to send to King Charles III to celebrate his coronation day!

Term 4

Autism Awareness Week colour experiments!

Home Learning Activities

Term 3

Tajiri Class have really enjoyed our Winnie the Witch week. We have decorated our wizard hats and created some magic potions in messy play. We used our magic wands to read some tricky words in phonics and have been on a magic themed scavenger hunt.

As part of our Life Skills curriculum we have been learning to recognise coins and how to make a money exchange. We visited our local shop and chose snacks that cost less than £1. We exchanged coins with the shop keeper to buy our snacks and received some change.

We celebrated the Japanese New Year with a feast and tried some sushi, seaweed crisps and Japanese biscuits. We made fish kites and made lucky money wallets.

Tajiri Class Curriculum Day - We have been celebrating being in Tajiri Class by learning all about Satochi Tajiri. We have been making Pokemon Trainer hats, brushing up on our Pokeball skills and have been on a Pokemon hunt.

Term 2

We have been very busy this term. We have been using our sewing skills to make puppets and have been had fun reading the story of Farmer Duck and learning about Harvest time. We have been learning to recognise coins and have had fun creating our own shops. We have been following the launch of the Artimus rocket, learning all about space explorers and our solar system.

Term 1     Here We Are!


We have been reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. We have looked at lots of globes and maps to find out where on planet Earth we live. We have written our own Here We Are books about ourselves and our place on planet Earth. We have been deciding which things in our world we love.


In maths we have been measuring our bodies to find out how tall we are and how long our hands and feet are and partitioning teen numbers. 


We have collected some litter from the Mead Community Woodland to help protect our planet. 



Here We Are!

Term 1  Rainforests


We have been learning about the rainforest and all the different animal that live there. We have read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry and have been discussing why we need to protect this habitat. Our favourite animals are Macaws, Ant Eaters, Sloths, Jaguars and Poison Dart Frogs. We have been drawing our favourite rainforest animals and written sentences about them.


In phonics we have been looking at words with the sounds ch, sh and th "as in thud" and the sounds ng nk and s at the end or words.


In maths we have been ordering numbers to 50. 

The Great Kapok Tree

Term 1 - History of Flight


In weeks 6 and 7 we found about The Wright Brothers and have learnt about how they designed and built the first aeroplane. We have been designing and building our own flying machines and measuring how far they travel. In phonics we will have learnt the sound ai (as in tail) and igh (as in flight). In maths we have been ordering numbers to 50. We have also enjoyed our music lessons and been listening to and playing different instruments.

Taking Flight - How the Wright Brothers conquered the skies by Adam Hanchen