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Term 2

Religion and Celebration

Week 1:


Today we had our very own 'Spooky Day'. We all dressed up in a halloween costume, and everyone looked fantastic! We celebrated with a pumpkin themed Attention Autism session in the morning, before reading the story 'Room on a Broom' and identifying rhyming words. We also enjoyed reading the story 'Funnybones' and made our own Funnybones skeleton out of cotton buds...they turned out brilliantly! We then ended our day by exploring the eyeball sensory tray, making spider biscuits and watching a halloween movie. We had so much fun together! 

Look at our cool costumes! 

Week 2:



This week has been all about Remembrance. We have learnt about World War 1, and the life of Anne Frank. For this, we have engaged in a variety of activities, including:


- read the story 'the day war came'

- described a setting from the story and focused on how the main character was feeling in different parts of the story.


- Discussed key facts about Anne Frank and created a significant person fact sheet around her. 

- Read an extract from Anne Frank's diary about packing her suitcase, and came up with the three most important things that we would pack in our suitcase. 

In Food Tech we made some lovely poppy biscuits, and in Art we created poppy sun catchers and Remembrance Day pastel sunset drawings, which are both now proudly on display on our classroom window!

Week 3:



This year, we have decided to celebrate our Curriculum Days as a Year 5 collective, which means we get to learn about 3 different artists instead of just one (how lucky are we!). We have started with Van Gogh, and have enjoyed looking at his life and how he became an artist. We have explored his three most famous paintings, focusing on the Starry Night painting in closer detail. We shared some great discussion points around each painting, and thought about questions such as 'what do you think you would hear if you were in the painting' and 'do you think Van Gogh was feeling happy or sad when he made this painting'. The ideas some of the children came up with were fantastic, and so well explained. We also watched a tutorial on the board and was able to re-create our very own Starry Night inspired drawings on a Canvas. In the afternoon, we then proudly displayed our Starry Night drawings in the art gallery, alongside the rest of Year 5's work, in the main hall. People from across the school came to look at them and even voted for their favourite. One of us proudly won first prize! 


Today, we had a really exciting day as we got to go to the cinema again! We watched Sonic 2 and absolutely loved it! 


This week we have learnt all about Diwali, or what is also known as 'the festival of light'. As part of this, we have enjoyed engaging in lost of creative activities, such as:


- explored 'what is Diwali?' by looking at the meaning behind it, thinking about who celebrates it and how they celebrate it and looking at some of the traditions that come with it.

- dyed rice different colours and used it to create detailed rangoli patterns 

- used clay to sculpt our own Diya Lamps (which are currently drying, and we will be decorating at the start of next week). 

- made a delicious traditional Diwali sweet called 'coconut ice' in Food Tech


- read the book 'Rama and Sita, the story of Diwali' and created a story map together as a group, before copy writing it into our books

- watching a video about the story and discussing the characters within it


In maths we have been mainly focusing on addition and subtraction, but have also used Numicon to link to this week's topic by creating rangoli patterns. 


Today, we are celebrating Children in Need day by dressing up in our own spotty or Pudsey themed clothes. We are also engaging in lots of fun activities such as colour by numbers, Pudsey themed Playdoh mats and Children in Need pencil control and letter formation activities. Not only that, but some of us have also entered the raffle to be raise money and to be in with a chance of winning our very own Pudsey teddy! 


This week we have explored Buddhism. For this, we have focused on understanding and managing our emotions, and looked at how practicing some mindfulness techniques can help us in achieving this. We explored some useful breathing techniques and had a go at meditation, as well as engaged in a visual demonstration to understand what happens to our emotional state when we are feeling happy/calm and sad/angry. 


- looked at the story of Buddha 

- explored what a Buddhist Temple looks like

- practiced mindfulness balloons

- created 5 mindfulness balloons to represent 5 things that make us happy



- read the story 'The secret to Clara's Calm' and wrote a sentence to explain why Clara lost her friends and why it is important to be kind to your friends.


In Art we created lotus flowers and in Food Tech we made healthy Buddha Bowls. In Maths we have focused on subtraction and developed our skills around Money.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Wiltshire Class! 

Look who has returned! It's our cheeky Christmas Elf! This time he has come to visit us in our new classroom, and we found him hanging upside down on our Christmas Tree (he is going to be even more cheeky than last year by the looks of things!)...though he did come bearing a letter for us! We are going to have lots of fun with him around! 

Today Santa came to visit us! We couldn't believe that he took time out of his busy Christmas schedule to meet us, he even told us that he thinks we have all been nice so far this year and gave us a special token. He said the Elves will be delivering a special gift to us this week. We were so excited! 

Even the teachers got to meet him!