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Term 3


It has been fantastic to see all of the children back with us after the holidays, we have really enjoyed listening to all of the fun times they have had over their time off. 

Week 1:

This term we are focusing on Animals!

We have started by exploring Arctic animals, such as the snowy owl, arctic hare, arctic fox, walrus's and polar bears. We have explored how they adapt to suit their environment and what they do to survive in cold temperatures. 
In Art we mad our own Arctic foxes and in Food Tech we made polar bear cupcakes, which were so yummy!

In Maths we have introduced ourselves to 3D shapes. We have been learning the names of each shape, recognising the shapes and thinking about if they can stack or roll.

Week 2:

This week we have had lots of fun monkeying around! 

We have explored interesting facts about monkey's and looked at the concept of 'adaptation' in Topic. We found it so interesting to see how different animals can change to suit their environment! We also read the story 'Monkey Puzzle' and enjoyed coming up with a list of clues about an animal of our choice from the story, which we later turned into a 'guess who' style game which we all got stuck into. We also had lots of fun creating our own monkey puzzles in Art and made some really yummy banana bread in Food Tech!


Week 3:

This week has been all about Penguins! 

We have learnt about the different species of Penguins and have learnt some really interesting facts about them, including where they live, what they eat and how they are suited to their environment. Based on the information we gathered, we each decided which species was our favourite and shared the reasons why...this made for a great discussion!

We made some really cute penguins out of toilet rolls and even attempted to make a penguin in Food Tech out of banana and chocolate...they were a little fiddly to make but we didn't mind getting covered in chocolate! 


Week 4: 

This week we have focused on all things birds!

We have engaged in some really fun activities from replicating different bird beaks and using them to try and pick up bird food to going bird watching at the local woodlands!

We also loved making some edible birds nests in Food Tech and particularly enjoyed making our own bird feeders...we have been visiting them everyday to see if any birds have eaten from them. We feel proud to have helped provide some food to the birds during this cold winter! 


We even went on our very own Big Bird Watch! 

We learnt about Chinese New Year! 2023 is the year of the rabbit, and so we made our own rabbits our of salt dough and enjoyed painting and decorating them. We made our very own lucky red envelopes and labelled them by writing our names in Chinese. We got to take them home - we hope that they bring us lots of good luck! 


Week 5:

We've been under the sea! 

This week we took a dive into the deep blue sea to explore some of the cool animals you can find! We explored food chains, and made some fantastic drawings to show what we had learnt. We also came up with some brilliant adjectives to describe a picture of a shark and used these to create an acrostic poem together. Emily was so impressed with what we created! Not to mention, our under the sea themed cheesecake went down a treat! 


Week 6:

And just like that, we are in our final week! We have had so much fun this term learning about so many fun and interesting animals that it was only right we finished with some of our favourite animals ever...dinosaurs!!

This week we have had so much fun looking back over dinosaurs. We tested our knowledge from last year to see if we could remember the names of each dinosaur and reminded ourselves of the meanings of certain key words, such as omnivore, carnivore and herbivore. We also got to look at fossils in more detail, learning about the work of Mary Anning. We couldn't believe how determined she was to find fossils, and each took a bit of inspiration from her successful work and had a go at hunting for some fossils ourselves (in the classroom of course!).

The sun has been shining this week, so we just had to take advantage of it and create some shadow drawings! We even got to play with lots of dinosaur toys too. 

Learning about animals this term has been so fun!


Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's day came early in Wiltshire Class, and we made some heart shaped biscuits that we put together to make a bouquet of flowers. We even took the opportunity to think about things that we love about school!