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Term 5

I cannot believe we are at the end of Term 5.  This week we have been reading 'Barry the fish with fingers.'  The children have loved this story and we have done so much learning about this book!  So this week we have: 

Created gloves for Barry 

  • Explored Barry's frozen hands 
  • Made our very own Barry using a balloon
  • Popped, blown and caught bubbles 
  • Made under the sea crackers 
  • Created a big Barry 
  • Created sharks using our feet and fishes using our hands 
  • Jumped and climbed in soft play 
  • Enjoyed our Music Lessons 
  • Danced to under the sea songs


Also the children took part in their first ever Sport's day and they were all AMAZING!!  Have a lovely holiday!


We have continued our topic of 'Under the Sea' the children are still really enjoying this topic.  We have completed lots of activities about under the sea.  We have: 


  • Made our own edible under the sea scenes 
  • Painted crabs 
  • Created turtles 
  • Created a huge whale 
  • Created a huge lobster
  • Created a huge fish 
  • We have sung songs about under the sea
  • Explored different instruments representing under the sea
  • Melted ice to free sea animals 
  • Created under the sea scenes using stickers 
  • Used marbelling ink to create some beautiful fishes 
  • Danced to songs about the sea


Well Done Andersen for all your hard work!  I am so proud of you!!!




Week 2

This week we have continued to read the story 'The Rainbow Fish'  we have completed lots of activities to learn all about the rainbow fish.  We have:

  • Made our very own rainbow fish
  • Made Rainbow Fish cakes 
  • Made a marble fish 
  • Made a marble octopus 
  • Explored under the sea
  • Danced the Rainbow Fish dance 
  • Explored outside 
  • Explored our new vegetables growing
  • Enjoyed PE
  • Sung lots of songs in Music 


I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! 

Joey doing some great cooking!

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Thomas doing some fab colouring!

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The Rainbow Fish dance!

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Emilia dancing to the Rainbow Fish Song!

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Week 1


This week we have started to read our new story 'The Rainbow Fish' the children have really enjoyed learning about the Rainbow fish.  This week we have:

  • Made rainbow pizzas 
  • Made a sequin fish
  • Made a rainbow fish with sponges 
  • Explored water play 
  • Explored sand play 
  • Cooked up food in our role play area
  • Painted using our rollers 
  • Engaged in Sensology 
  • Enjoyed our Music Lesson 
  • Enjoyed our PE lessons 
  • Explored our light screen using different colours and shapes  
  • Bounced lots on the bouncy castle


The children have settled really well back into school.  Well Done Andersen Class!!

Thomas enjoying Attention Autism!

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Emilia starting Bucket Time!

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Emilia copying the toy we were playing!

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