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Term One

Welcome back, in Term One our topic is "Around the World".

We will spend our first term exploring the world that we live in and learning about many different countries and cultures. Each week we will introduce a new country and expand our knowledge using stories, art work and fact files. The children are enjoying their learning and continue to wow us with what they have learnt.

We spent the first week of term learning about England and the United Kingdom. We read the story 'Paddington at the Palace' and created some great story maps to support our learning. We worked as a team to complete a tricky puzzle of the British Isles. We had a really fun week!

We have also spent time learning about Japan. We read the story 'Suki's Kimono' and designed our own kimono's to represent ourselves. We learnt about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and created our own artwork based on her famous spots.

In week five we learnt about the country Jamaica, we did a lot of work on Usain Bolt and what it takes to be an athlete. The children learnt all about Jamaica and made wonderful fact files to share their knowledge with their friends. We also learnt all about healthy living and made delicious fruit kebabs.

October is 'Black History Month' and we have spent the week learning about the history of this and the country we are exploring is the USA. We have read the brilliant story "Hidden Figures" and learnt the amazing true story behind it, we used this to complete astronaut application forms in our English lessons. We have also spent time learning about American culture, we made donuts and hot dogs in our food tech lesson, they were very yummy!