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Term Three

Our Term Overview



This term Idowu class have been exploring the science of animals! We have focused our learning on animals and their habitats. From polar animals to garden birds, Idowu class have enjoyed studying how the animals adapt to particular environments around them. We even took part in a bird watching activity to see what types of species are around us!




We continued our learning by looking at the adaptation of humans as well as animals over time, and really enjoyed learning about concepts and ideas around evolution. We even made fossils out of clay and modroc! 






We have read some amazing stories this term relating to our topic of animals, and produced some fantastic work  from these books! We have also been focusing on descriptive writing, as well as developing our understanding of literacy terms such as adjectives, nouns and verbs. We even took part in a noun hunt where Idowu class searched for different nouns around them, in the classroom and outside!






In maths we have been focusing our learning on fractions of a whole number. Idowu class have made so much progress with Maths this term!





We have had lots of fun this term in Idowu class and we hope to continue to have a fantastic time in Term 4!